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The 2015 Research Day

It was the chairman of the CNR, Prof. Luigi Nicolais, to introduce the Research Day, Week Heart Research Proposal Biomedical Campus University of Rome to deepen the main themes and new challenges in the Science field on Thursday, July 2.

Prof. Eugenio Guglielmelli, Vice-rector, presented the main activities and results achieved by the University in 2014, when the UCBM (Biomedical Campus University of Rome) reached the fifth position among the Italian universities for the quality of scientific production (with an average growth of 39% if compared to the previous year), with a total value of normalized impact factor, exceeding 2,000 points.

Prof. Marcella Trombetta and Prof. Giorgio Minotti, Research coordinators of the two departmental Faculties, introduced the five experiences that have produced the most significant scientific publications in 2014: i.e. the electronic nose, which will allow less invasive and less expensive screenings. The evolved computer system, which will assure security to the population and goods in the event of floods, earthquakes or fires. The Protein, which, inhibited or skilfully directed, assures beneficial effects to a partly damaged liver. The blood platelets "shake" that regenerates the tissues and finally the discovery of the antioxidant power of inulin, the sugar found in many foods.

Three winner strategic projects of an internal Research tender:

The afternoon started with the showroom opening dedicated to the devices demonstration realized thanks to the DAHMS project, university and industry partnership program funded by the Ministry of Economic Development to improve the quality of life and the chronically ill or elderly and handicapped people self-sufficiency degree.

At the end of the day – moderated by journalist Paola Aristodemo – a panel was held where stakeholders and partners of public and private Research in the University did participate.