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EXPO 2015

​Our projects at EXPO 2015 Universal Exhibition

Feeding the planet. Energy for life: a theme that has always been very interesting to the Biomedical Campus University of Rome. Therefore, the Athenaeum is actively involved with the EXPO events and will be participating within the stands of the Universal Exhibition throughout its duration. Students and teachers of the three-year degree course and Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Human Nutrition will be particularly involved in educational initiatives, seminars and workshops. Through Research and scientific studies, Researchers, who are working in the field of sustainable development and food protection from terrorism and counterfeiting, will also take part of the events.

In particular, the most worthy students of the Food Science courses will receive a kit of accessories with the University brand: they will take it to Milan to represent, symbolically, the University among the EXPO stands. In addition, a large number of teachers will be present at conferences and information and-popular science program activities within the Italian area, the “Lazio” region stand and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry stand.

The University will host events related to EXPO also in the capital city and will be the location for exhibitions and events dedicated to the enhancement of skills and regional food specialties, the importance of food for health, education and food security.

EXPO 2015 is a unique opportunity to communicate and share, worldwide, contributions, data and Research on how to improve the planet and the life of its habitants in the coming years. The Biomedical Campus University of Rome chose to take this opportunity.