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​The main activities and results achieved by the University in 2014.
The first bionic wearable hand that “feels” objects, which can communicate directly with the brain and assures the amputees all features similar to a natural hand
The Foundation is a non-profit organization incorporated under the Italian law and founded in 2015 with the purpose of promoting scientific Research and supporting the Biomedical Campus University of Rome (UCBM) cultural activities.
Promoting the Healthcare humanization, according to an anthropological vision respecting freedom, dignity and the right to life and care forevery person.
Constituting an inalienable Endowment Fund to ensure, over time, the Biomedical Campus University of Rome growth and its integrated training
The involvement with the Foundation is proposed to people who share the purposes of the Biomedical Campus University of Rome and the Foundation itself, having the desire of supporting an institution with clear values and cultural and ethical identity.